• Spanish Immersion Course

    15 Private Lessons Per Week

  • 8 days from €955 per person

    Locations: Murcia, Granada & Malaga

    About the programme

    This is no ordinary language learning experience, as you will not just be led through a text book but, instead, live with your teacher meaning that you will be guided through the language at all times to really help develop your linguistic skills and put them into practice from day 1.


    This intense method of learning a new language will have you thinking in as well as speaking the language in no time at all and you will find that you can progress at a rapid pace. Language immersion programmes have shown to give the same results in 1 week as opposed to 4 weeks in a language school classroom environment which means making the most of your time abroad.


    Finding the best tutor for you is important to us to ensure you not only receive the best tuition but also the comfort of a home away from home. We ask you to provide us with some information about you and what you want to get out of the course as well as what your interests are and any allergies or dietary requirements and so on. This then allows us to find your perfect tutor match.


    All teachers are highly qualified and have either a teaching certificate recognised by the state or a university degree (or equivalent) accepted in the private sector. All qualifications are verified and the teachers’ homes are regularly and thoroughly inspected to ensure standards are maintained.


    Accommodation in your own private room in the teacher’s house is included in the programme, as well as 3 meals a day. This means that not only do you get to experience local cuisine and cultural & local customs but you will also have the chance to practice the language outside of your lessons in a natural environment in the company of native speakers.


    Although you are living with your teacher, you are of course free to come and go as you please so you have complete freedom and the opportunity to explore the local area on this learning holiday with a difference.


    - Suitable for all language levels from beginners to advanced
    - As lessons are private, they are tailored to you and you can choose to focus on what you’d like to accelerate your learning
    - Minimum age 16

    How does it work?

    Once you have booked your place and paid your deposit for the programme, we will contact you for more specific details regarding your interests and preferences so we can match you with the best possible teacher.

    When we have found a suitable teacher for you based on your interests and needs, we will send you their profile and you have 48 hours to accept the teacher or request a new one.

    If we are unable to find a suitable teacher for you, we will be happy to fully refund your deposit with no additional costs.

    Start Days

    • Arrival dates are on Sundays and you check out the following Sunday morning
    • You can arrive any Sunday throughout the year

    Class Schedule

    As lessons are tailored to you, there is no set times for the learning. Your teachers tend to recommend lessons in the morning as that’s when most people are more responsive to learning but schedules can be tailored to fit around you. Usually lessons run Monday to Friday so you have the weekends free.

    Outside of your lessons, you will be continuously immersed in the language as you will be living and dining with your language teacher, think of it as being a close friend or relative coming to stay and while you are free to come and go as you please, your host will welcome you into their home and daily life.


    • Accommodation is included from Sunday to Sunday.
    • You may arrive any time on Sunday afternoon and this can be arranged directly with your teacher.
    • You will have your own private bedroom but will share a bathroom.
    • You may be living with a single teacher, a couple or with a family but if you are a solo female student, you’ll always be placed with a female host teacher and not a single male teacher.
    • You are completely free to come and go as you please.


    • All meals and soft drinks are included in the cost of your programme.
    • If you have any special dietary needs, please inform us during booking process.
    • Please note that a supplement for special dietary requirements, such as gluten free diets, halal, etc (not including vegetarians), will be charged.

    Local Support

    A local organiser is on hand to ensure the experience meets your expectations and will contact you during your stay to ensure everything is ok. The local organiser is available 24 hours a day for emergencies, advice and support.